Dr. Mark E. Sikorski – Caffeine May Lead To Longer Life

Hi, I’m Dr Mark Sikorski (Macomb Township Physician). A recent study showed that caffeine may lead to longer vice. So don’t hesitate in having another sip here. The study was performed at Stanford University School of Medicine. Where they found a caffeine may beat back an inflammatory process linked to coronary disease and aging.

Now again these are levels of inflammatory protein. They’re associated with increased blood pressure and the production of free radicals which can damage cells and cell walls leading to coronary artery disease and premature aging. Now studies tie this in and show that 90% of noncommunicable disease are tied to these inflammatory chronic processes. Remember that 75% of the world’s death associated with this. These lab experiments found that caffeine may directly counter these inflammatory processes. So don’t feel bad having that second cup.

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