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Dr. Mark Sikorski – Cancer Related Death Rate Declines – Macomb Township Doctor

Hello, I’m Dr. Mark Sikorski. I’m a board certified family physician in Macomb Township Michigan, and I’m pleased to announce the American Cancer Society has again announced a 25% decrease In cancer related deaths since 1991. And that’s an awesome report to hear, but cancer still remains the second biggest killer of Americans to date.

Now they’re attributing this decrease to, number one, vigorous efforts to get people to quit smoking. That is the most important thing that you can do is to quit smoking. Also there’s been improvements in monitoring and prevention testing, and lastly improvements in the of cancer themselves.

Now, the number one cancer afflicting both men and women are lung cancer. And a simple chest x-ray can make a bug difference in regards to the diagnosis and early treatment that could save your life. For men, the second most common is colorectal cancer, or colon cancer, followed by prostate cancer. Estimates show that 1 in 7 men will die of prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Behind lung cancer for women is breast cancer, where it’s reported that 1 in 8 women will die of breast cancer in their lifetime. Followed then by colorectal cancer. Those cancers all together result in 50% of all the cancer diagnoses in America today. Now despite these improvements in 2017 they estimate there will be 1.7 million new cancer diagnoses reported.

And of those, greater than 600,000 cancer deaths. Now, the key is early detection, obviously, and following up with your doctor. But, take care of yourself. Stop smoking, if you’re a smoker. Lose weight. Exercise regularly and stay physically fit. Decrease exposure to ultraviolet radiation. And follow up with your annual physical exams and annual gynecological exams.

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Dr. Sikorski:  Cancer Related Death Rates Decline Again