Opiod Death Rates in Michigan Highest in Macomb County

Hello, I’m Doctor Mark Sikorski. I’m a board certified family physician in Macomb Township, Michigan. Did you know that opioid death rates are 14% higher in Michigan 14% higher, that’s a four fold increase in heroin and painkiller related deaths. Now the number one county in the state for these deaths are Macomb County. Even though we’re the third largest county, we are number one with opioid related deaths.

The age group highest with heroin related deaths are the 25-34 year range, and men higher than women. For opioid painkillers 35-44 years of age, again men more so than women. This is an important terrible process that can affect so many families regardless of your economic status, your race, your genders.

If you or your loved ones have a concern that we can help you with, we’ve treated these several times before using all the employed medicines to help with the physical part of the addiction and working to secure the emotional support for you as well.

Please contact us at Farmbrooke Family Medicine in Macomb Township, Michigan, our phone number is area code 586 786-1800.

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